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Rotherham Growth Plan 2015-2025 2

Chapter Title Page

1 Abbreviations and Acronyms 3

2 Executive Summary 4

3 A Growth Plan for Rotherham 7

4 Priority Projects and Programme 13

5 Theme 1 – Grow Existing and Develop New Business 15

6 Theme 2 – Skills for Employment and Progression 18

7 Theme 3 – Inclusion, Wellbeing, and Employment 20

8 Theme 4 – Employment Land and Business Premises 23

9 Theme 5 – Housing 25

10 Theme 6 – Town Centre 27

11 Theme 7 – Transport 29

12 Delivery Plans and Performance Information 31


1 SWOT Analysis 44

2 Core Strategy Links 46

3 Growth Zones 48

4 Funding 52

5 Governance 53

6 Predicted Employment Growth by Sector 54


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Rotherham Growth Plan 2015-2025 3

2.1 Overview

The Rotherham Economic Growth Plan maps out a

programme of investment in economic growth and

infrastructure over the short, medium and long term.

The Plan, which has a 10 year lifetime, is a partnership

between the public, voluntary and private sectors.

The plan is split into a number of themes, matching

closely with the Sheffield City Region (SCR) Strategic

Economic Plan (SEP) to ensure strong links between the

two. These themes are:

n Grow existing and develop new businesses

n Skills for employment and progression

n Inclusion, well-being and employment

n Employment land and business premises

n Transport

n Town centre

n Housing

The Economic Development team of the Council has

day to day responsibility for ownership of the plan.

They will report progress and issues to the Rotherham

Business Growth Board. Sub groups, chaired by Board

members, and involving appropriate stakeholders,

producing delivery / action plans covering the following


n Business Growth

n Skills and employment

n Town Centre

A major review of the Plan will be undertaken in 2016 to

consider relevant findings of the Corporate Governance

Inspection, plus strengthen links to the revised Health

& Well-being and Community Strategies which will be

published later early 2016. Subsequent to that reviews

will be carried out every 3 years.

2.2 Rotherham’s Vision

for Growth

To make Rotherham a place where:

n businesses will flourish and grow;

n the population is highly skilled and enterprising;

n the necessary infrastructure, including housing,

is provided to support economic growth.

The vision is based on creating an economy in which

business will prosper and local residents will have the

enterprise and employment opportunities which reflect

their ambitions and skills.

2.3 Economic Growth

Plan Objectives

Rotherham needs both more and better jobs to increase

its contribution to the national economy and provide

residents with the employment opportunities to meet

their needs.

The Growth Plan will:

n Seek to deliver 10,000 net new jobs in the private

sector over the next 10 years, from the current figure

of 92,900.

n Seek to create 750 additional new businesses over

the next 5 years through targeting those sectors with

greatest potential.

n Seek to increase GVA through starting, growing, and

attracting businesses.

2. Executive Summary